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Mykonos is a great glamour island of the Cyclades that has earned a fashionable reputation. Mykonos features Cycladic architecture nestled around a picture perfect fishing-village bay. You want to come and experience the magic that is Mykonos.


Map of Mykonos Villas

Introducing Mykonos

A Paradise Island

If Mykonos doesn’t immediately bring to your mind bright white buildings, turquoise water and tanned bodies lying on golden sandy beaches, then it’s about to.

Mykonos is an incredibly picturesque town with a maze of small streets and alleys. Houses and churches are gathered around the harbor in the middle of a wide bay. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the Aegean Sea.

Stunning Beaches

Most beaches on the island also have restaurants associated with them, making it easy to spend a full day on the beach.

The best beaches are on the south side of the island, sheltered from the north wind. Many beaches, even ones considered “family beaches,” are often filled by tourists practicing naturism or “topless” tanning.

There are also still a handful of off-track beaches worth finding.

Party Mecca

This island attracts a diverse and upscale crowd that thrives on its stylish nightlife.

Although Mykonos´ nightlife focuses mainly on bars, there are a number of notable dance clubs to be found on the island, some of them attracting world-famous DJs.

Infinite Activities

During the day you can enjoy water skiing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, horseback riding, parasailing and so much more. You can also relax and save energy for the superb nightlife. 

Mykonos really does live up to its reputation as a fabulous destination.


Hercules vs. Giants

In the wealth of ancient Greek mythology there are two references to Mykonos. The first tells us that the island took its name from the hero Mykonos. The other is that it was on Mykonos that Hercules slayed the Giants and that the large rocks which lie scattered about the island are their petrified corpses in antiquity. The greatest growth of this island was noted in the historical years during which there were two important cities, Mykonos and Panormos. The first inhabitants of Mykonos Island were likely Carians, Egyptians and Cretans.


Epic Battles

The Venetians conquered Mykonos in 1207 and then in 1537 Mykono’s fleet energetically took part in the 1821 Revolution under the rule of the Turks. In October 1822, the Turks undertook a landing on the island, but the Mykonians under their heroic woman leader, Manto Mavroyenous, successfully repulsed it.

After liberation (1830) Mykonos managed to re-establish its commercial fleet but the dominance of the steamship resulted in the gradual constriction of their shipping activities by the end of the past century.


Tourism in the 50’s

During the period between World War I and World War II, tourism made its first appearance. From the mid-50s on the island has been gradually transformed into an important tourist, cosmopolitan and artistic center.

During the last few decades, this beautiful island has become a favorite vacation destination for some of the world’s most wealthy travelers.  Many Celebrities keep summer homes on the island and can be seen in town.

Before tourists began visiting in large numbers, the majority of the area’s revenue was generated by fishing. Today tourists provide the local economy with the largest influx of cash.

The Boom of Luxury Tourism

Today Mykonos has become one of the most luxurious tourist destinations in the world due to a number of different factors. The unparalleled landscape with white sand beaches, crystal blue water and gleaming buildings that scatter the island’s hills gather people from all over the world. Tourists intermix with the notoriously  friendly locals and rich culture of Mykonos and can experience some of the finest dining and indulgences in the world.

Things to do

Mykonos Summer Festival

Mykonos is famous for its summer festival which features artists from all over the world. During the festival there is no shortage of wild parties and an upbeat atmosphere, in addition to open-air concerts, theatrical performances and plenty of art exhibitions. It’s a festival that encompasses a variety of entertainment in one place.


Feast of the Grape Harvest

Dedicated to Dionysus, the god of Wine, this feast is held on the second Sunday each September at Boni’s Windmill at the Agricultural Museum. There is an abundance of free wine, festive music and visitors get a glimpse of one of the longest standing Myconian traditions…it dates back to antiquity!


Psarou Beach

Known as “the jet-setters beach,” this is probably the most in demand beach in all of Greece. Getting a beach chair without booking a month in advance is rare, but if you plan ahead you can enjoy a spot on the beach.


Scuba Diving with Dive Adventures

Diving in Mykonos reveals archaeological artifacts, an array of marine life, coral reefs and amazing rock formations. Dive adventures offers courses for everyone, from beginner to advanced, and wants their customers to get the most personalized diving experience possible.


Kiki’s Restaurant

Tourists search far and wide to find this restaurant located on Agios Sostis Beach. It has no sign but the best barbequed chicken and seafood that you may ever have. Grab your guidebook and a scooter and navigate your way to this hidden gem.


Places to see

Matoyianni Street

Considered a must-see spot in Mykonos, Matoyianni Street is a quaint area that has something beautiful to look at in every direction. After perusing the little shops and cafes you’ll want to wander down the narrow and colorful streets to take it all in.

Archaeological Site of Delos

This tiny, uninhabited island close to Mykonos, is a UNESCO world heritage area known for its important archaeological sites. You’ll see the fascinating ruins of temples, theatres, houses and public buildings and go back in time to the rich mythology of Greece.

Little Venice

A district located in front of the sea,  famous for its picturesque medieval houses and their colorful wooden balconies. Little Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Mykonos and offers a fantastic sunset. A favorite activity is drinking cocktails in one of the many bars and cafes while watching the sunset on the seashore. You can reach Little Venice walking from the windmills down the stairs.

The Windmills

One of the most recognizable feature of Mykonos (next to everything being painted white) is the windmills. Originally 16 in number, they were used to grind the agricultural harvests by harnessing the famous Mykonos wind for power. The five that overlook Mykonos Town (Hora or Chora) are probably the most famous.

Castle Panigirakas

This sprawling estate is one of the best places to become acquainted with the island of Mykonos. You could easily spend an entire day here taking in the sights, having a picnic or attending one of the many events that are held here.


Monastery of Panayia Tourliani

This is the oldest church in Mykonos, built in the 1700s, and inside it’s full of incredibly detailed paintings and artifacts. The surrounding village, Ano Mera Village, has a variety of taverns, mini-markets and bakeries that are worth a visit as well.


To see and to be seen


Cavo Paradiso, an Ibiza-style open-air mega club, has a fantastic view of the sea and a huge swimming pool in the middle of the club, where you can party and dance till well after the sun comes up. The party doesn’t start until at least 2AM. Clubbers from all around the world voted for Cavo Paradiso as one of the 10 best clubs of the world.

Famous DJ’s, like Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Paul Oakenfold, Sander van Doorn and Tiësto, play here every summer and various music events are hosted frequently.


The restaurant and bar is located on the beach Kalo Livadi, one of the most beautiful of Mykonos. The restaurant has a shaded location and offers excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

95 Villas in Mykonos